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Bahasa Inggris

Daftar Kisi-kisi Uas Bahasa Inggris 2010/2011

Memo 2
Sign 2
Menu 3
Degree of Comparison 3
Preference 4
Conditional Sentence 4
Direction 5
Capability 5
Preposition 5
Invitation 6

Kisi-kisi UAS 2010/2011

 Memo
Memo (memorandum) is a brief written record of comunication, used in offic, wheter businnes, government, education institution or legal office. The usual structure for a memo includes some or all the following:
To : The person or group receiveng the memo(recipient)
From : The person writing the memo (sender)
C.C : (Carbon Copy) the person or Group who should be informed about the memo
Date : Usually a formal manner of writting the date, (month/day/year).
Subject : A short spesifictopic discussed in the memo, this should be in bold.
Introduction : explain why the memo has been written and what topic will discuss.
Body : discusses the topic in detail
Conclusion : explains what will or should happen next, when the follow up will occur and why the date is important
Example :

TO : Sales Staffs
Form : Mr. Roger Bloom
Date : December 1, 2008
Subject : Annual Meeting
I’m writing to remind you that our annual meeting will be on Tuesday, December 8. I want everyone to be ready with ideas, strategises, and sales forecast for next year. I will be out of town attending a conference on the new product of LCD projectores in Osaka, on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Remember that next Monday is a holiday. Therefore, if you have something urgent to discuss, please see me on Friday, December 5.

 Sign
1 You’re not permitted to smoke here.
2 It means that you are not allowed to take a picture
3 Prohibited to blow the horn
4 Be careful

 Menu

 Degree of Comparison
One Syllable
Adjective Comperative Superlative
Smart Smarter Smartest
Small Smaller Smallest
Big Bigger Biggest
Nice Nicer nicest
Long Longer Longest
Tall Taller tallest

>one Syllable
Adjective Comperative Superlative
Beautiful More beatiful The most beautiful
Stupid More stupid The most stupid
Handsome More handsome The most handsome
Dilligent More dilligent The most dilligent
Clever More clever The most clever
Expensive More expensive The most expensive

Ended with -y
Adjective Comperative Superlative
Ugly Uglier Ugliest
Shy Shier Shiest
Lazy Lazier Laziest
Crazy Crazier Craziest
Easy Easier Easiest

Adjective Comperative Superlative
Good Better The best
Bad worse The worse
Far Further/farther The further/ the farther

 Preference
1. Prefer....... to........
Example :
1 I prefer mango to banana
2 I prefer drinking tea to softdrink
2. Like........ better than.......
Example :
1 I like reading book better than playing game
2 I like math better than biology
3. Would rather........ than......
Example :
1 I would rather sing than dance
2 I would rather eat chicken noodle than meatball
(Prefer.... to ... ) dan (like...... better than....) adalah perbandingan 2 kata benda. Keduanya hampir sama.Gerund adalah merubah Verb(kata kerja) menjadi Noun(kata benda), verb nya +ing seperti di pola ”prefer... to...” dan “like.... better than....”. Drinking tea, reading, dan lain-lain.
(would rather.... than....) adalah perbandingan 2 kata kerja. Seperti dance dan eat, dan lain-lain.

 Conditional Sentence
Kalimat pengandaian
Type I mengenai planning, yang berdasarkan fakta
If + S1 + V1+ ..... S2 + will + V1 ......
Pattern :
Example :
1 If I have spare time, I will go to your house tomorrow
2 If I graduate from the school, I will continue to ITB
3 If I find my wallet, I will buy you meatball

 Direction

 Capability
No Example Explanation
1 I can swim free style well. Can expressres capability in the present or future
2 I can’t either speak Japanese or Chinese The negative form of can may be written can’t, cannot, or can not.
3 It could run to 110 kilometers before The past form of can is could. It is used to express general ability in the past.
4 I couldn’t swim when I was young The negative form of could is couldn’t or could not
5 I’m able to take short hand Be able to is also used ti express capability, but can is more usual
6 We will be able to have it done for you Be able to is more commonly used in combination with other auxiliaries
7 I was able to swim across the swimming pool yesterday Was able to is used when someone, managed to do something in one particular situation.

Example :
Valet : Laundry, may I help ?
Guest : I need a button sewn on a shirt. Can you do it for me ?
Valet : Yes, sir. We will be able to have it done for you.
Guest : Thank you. By the way, can I get it back before 5 p.m ?
Valet : Certainly, Sir. I’ll send someone up for it immediately.

 Preposition
Prepostion of time and Preposition of place
In, on, at, inti, beside, beetwen, behind, among, corner, next, in front of, round, over, above, up, down, accros.
Example :
1 Sari will celebrate her birthday on Sunday
2 The party will be held on October 3nd
3 Mr. Wijaya invites Mr Andrew to have lunch dinner at 7.00 p.m
4 They will have lunch at steak and shake restaurant
5 There is much dust in rainy season
6 The annual meeting will be in December
7 She live at Jl. Kartini
8 He live in Bandung
9 I was born in april

 Invitation
Example (spoken):
1 In a doctor office (accepting)
Ahmed : We Would you like to our charity concert
Dr. Christ : I’d really love to come. What time is the concert ?
Ahmed : It’s in our school hall on Sunday morning. Would you like to invite your collegues to come with you ?
Dr. Christ : Oh. I’ll try. I’m proud of you, boy. You really do a good deed.
Ahmed : Thank you, sir.
2 On the way home(refusing)
Susi : There’s a rock concert at the city hall tonigth. It is at 7.30 p.m. would you like to go with me ?
Sinta : I’d love to. But I have to go the hospital with my my mother. We have to see may neighbourhood.
Modal auxiliaries : will, could, would.
Personal invitation
As we know, a written invitation is more effective than a spoken one. If we invite someone orally, he/she may forget to come because it is the nature of human to easily forget something. In making a written invitation, you must be careful to include the following information:
1 Your full address
2 The date, time, and places
3 Any necessary explanation regarding the kind of event or programme.
The format of personal invitation is similiar to the one of personal letter. The ilustrasion is as the following:
1. The heading
It consist of three lines. The first is address, the second is name of town or postal code, the third shows the date,month,day,year.
2. The salutation
The word like “Dear”.
3. The body
The body is the real letter it self.
4. The closing
If the closing consist of more than one word, only the first word of the closing is capitalized.
5. The signature
The signature is below the closing whether the letter is typed or hand-writter.
Example (written) :

Jln Imam Bonjol 199
Dear Martha,
It will be wonderful to go with you to Karimujawa Island! As I count the days, I can hardly wait for the time to get there. i’ll be ready when you arrive the morning of July 2.


Question :
1 Who send the letter above ?
2 What date did she write the letter ?
3 According to the letter above, does she accept her friend’s invitation ?
4 Where would they go ?
5 When would she be ready to go ?
Answer :
1 The sender is Etty
3 Yes, she does accept the invitation
4 They are go to Karimajawa Island
5 On morning of July 2.

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